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Red Velvet Rose Wrap Crochet Pattern


    This pattern is designed for use with 5 skeins of our Pearlescent Superwash Merino Wool Silk Worsted Weight yarn in colorway: Red Velvet Rose. Choose any colorway you like, though!

    Stunning. Elegant. Sensational.

    •A more advanced pattern for those comfortable with crochet. If you're familiar with following patterns, you'll be fine. 

    •This is a gorgeous, softly-flaring rectangular wrap for use anytime! Toss on for a fancy dinner or while curled up on the couch reading a good book.

    •Fun to crochet! You won't get bored because the pattern changes as you work it. There are a total of 4 sections, each different. They start off dense and open up like blossoming flowers as you crochet, resulting in a lovely lacy look.

    •You can technically stop at any point if you want a thinner shawl, so having enough yarn isn't make-or-break to this pattern.  

    •Ideal for solid or tonal yarns, but use any colorway that you love, even variegated.

    •You'll need a size H (5.00 mm) hook. You'll want to be comfortable with single, double, double triple and triple crochets, as well as chaining and slip stitching. 

    You'll receive a digital file only (instantly downloadable as a PDF) and won't be shipped anything. Please allow a few minutes for the download link to be emailed to you. If the email doesn't arrive within a few minutes, just log into your account on our site and you'll see your Completed Orders. From there, you'll find the download link.

    Enjoy feeling luscious in your divine Red Velvet Rose Wrap. 


    You may sell the items you make using my patterns. I just ask that you link back to my shop. Thanks!


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    1. Red Velvet Rose  star rating

      Posted by Dawn on 14th Feb 2017

      This pattern is easy to follow if you know the stitches. I used the January birthstone fingering and another red fingering I had in my stash. It's turning out beautifully, even though the pattern calls for DK. I would recommend using yarn with some silk in it. It drapes so softly. Love the yarn at Expression Fiber Arts.

    2. Red Velvet Rose lives up to its name!  star rating

      Posted by Paula Savoy on 7th Sep 2016

      I've been experimenting with this yarn for months and finally decided on a pattern this week. Phew! Gotta say, I am so surprised that despite trying, and frogging, at least twenty patterns, I did not need to cut off a bit of the yarn.

      In addition to the quality that will make a garment last for my granddaughter, the Red Velvet Rose yarn is so soft that I keep stopping to squish it now that there's enough worked to grab, haha.

      As for the dye work, the subtle but dramatic colorway is perfect -- it dresses up or down. If there's a place to post, I'll show a pic of my beautiful, squishy shawl. btw, Hubby is very proud of HIMself -- he bought four skeins of this for me on my b'day last Feb.

    3. So beautiful and easier than expected  star rating

      Posted by Barbara Houston on 28th Jul 2016

      The pictures tell you how beautiful the shawl is.

      Even more wonderful is the pattern itself. The instructions are clear and they are given in sections. You learn the two line repeat and before you get bored, you switch to a different section. Enough information is given for you to use yarn of a different weight and still maintain the right proportions.

      I'm working the last section now and I know I will never be afraid to use a fiber expression pattern. I always use free patterns but this one was so lovely I couldn't resist. It's worth every cent.

    4. Red Velvet Rose  star rating

      Posted by JEANNIE CHEUNG on 24th Jun 2016

      I followed the creation of this pattern through Expression Fiber Arts' instagram and eagerly awaited it's arrival. Although I couldn't start on the project as soon as it came out, I got the pattern. At first the pattern seems daunting and intimidating, but as I followed it, it became easier. The instructions are clear and detailed. I highly recommend making this wrap. I felt extremely accomplished when it was finished.

    5. Red Velvet Rose Wrap  star rating

      Posted by Paula S. Russell on 8th Jun 2016

      The title says it all. It looks like tiers of roses draped from the shoulders. I think I will do this one even if it is a crochet pattern.

    6. Beautiful  star rating

      Posted by Danielle Drown on 30th Apr 2016

      The only problem I have with this pattern is that it says it takes 5 skeins of yarn. I bought the exact 5 skeins the pattern called for, looks like I will need at least 1 more to finish this pattern. If I can't get the one I need them I guess I will have to tear the whole thing out and use a smaller hook.

    7. Rave Reviews for Red Velvet Rose  star rating

      Posted by Christen on 20th Apr 2016

      The first thing I love about this pattern is that it is super easy to follow. I've followed way too many patterns that leave you guessing as to what the directions actually mean, and several headaches and ripped-out stitches later, you end up with something that looks nothing like what you thought you'd be crocheting. This pattern is not like that at all! It's written very conversationally and answers my questions before they come up.

      And let's talk about how GORGEOUS this wrap is! It's really a stunner. And since the wrap is in four sections, working on it is never boring. Each section is easy to memorize so you can work on it while doing something else (catching up on TV shows, nodding along at a meeting, etc.), but is also a new and fun adventure.

      I'm definitely going to be making more of these! Thanks, Chandi!

    8. WOW!!!!  star rating

      Posted by amy wonser on 10th Apr 2016

      Yarn is amazing and easy to follow directions. My husband wants me to sell it
      ( He was blown away with this design) but I am keeping it. Too awesome to sell.

    9. Learning  star rating

      Posted by Robert Kendrick on 9th Apr 2016

      I am a beginning knitter and although this looks as if it is going to challenge me, it was just to beautiful yo let go by. Hopefully planning on making it for my nieces. The color is rich and vibrant like they are, however, I chose to do them in different colors.

    10. Beautiful Wrap  star rating

      Posted by Linda Deutscher on 8th Apr 2016

      This pattern gives you warmth, but also provides a delicate look to it. This would make a beautiful wrap to have in your wardrobe to use throughout the day.

    11. Just follow the pattern  star rating

      Posted by Carrie on 7th Apr 2016

      This is one of those patterns you just have to trust while working on. If you have crocheted for a long time, there are some directions that won't look right or make sense as you work through it. Trust the design, the pattern is right.

      I would recommend using either a solid color or a long strand dyed yarn is you aren't going to use the lovely recommended yarn. The detail of the pattern will be lost other wise.

    12. Stunning as always  star rating

      Posted by Sara on 7th Apr 2016

      Once again Chandi, you have undone yourself! This pattern is beautiful and I have enjoyed watching it develop on your facebook and insta feeds! I can't wait to get it on my hook. The pattern reads well and is really easy to understand and follow. Plus I know you are always happy to answer questions.
      Thanks again

    13. Gorgeous in Red  star rating

      Posted by Kathy Cayton on 6th Apr 2016

      I have to get better at crocheting before I can make this BUT the pattern looked beautiful so could not resist getting it. Am looking forward to crocheting this pattern when I feel more comfortable with my crochet skills. Thanks for your gorgeous yarns and wonderful patterns!

    14. beautiful, well written pattern  star rating

      Posted by Lynne Baltzer on 6th Apr 2016

      just purchased yarn for this gorgeous shawl today. After reading pattern, it is easy to understand and will be a delight when finished.

    15. Red Velvet Rose Wrap Crochet Pattern  star rating

      Posted by Megan Mercado on 5th Apr 2016

      This is a beautiful wrap and very easy to complete. I love the way it looks!

    16. Thank you  star rating

      Posted by Khristine Rivers on 4th Apr 2016

      Hello. Thank you for sharing your pattern. It was so sweet of you.

    17. Lovely in Lace  star rating

      Posted by Dolores on 4th Apr 2016

      Generous and lovely, great to all types of yarn just need to increase repeats for lighter weight yarns. Know that this will be a favorite for me to remake.

    18. Beautiful Gift  star rating

      Posted by WJ on 4th Apr 2016

      This is turning out to be a beautiful gift for my granddaughter for the holidays.

    19. Red Velvet Rose Wrap  star rating

      Posted by Karen Arnold on 3rd Apr 2016

      I haven't started this pattern yet, but it looks really interesting and easy to do. I think it would workup gorgeously in any solid jewel tone.

    20. Beautiful Pattern  star rating

      Posted by Sabrina Cordova on 3rd Apr 2016

      This is a wonderful pattern and I cannot wait to start it.

    21. Love the red  star rating

      Posted by Lynda Prucha on 2nd Apr 2016

      Your design is exquisite to say more wouldn't make it anymore exquisite it is absolutely amazing
      Love lynda

    22. Beautiful  star rating

      Posted by Audra Bolsley on 2nd Apr 2016

      Not a big red fan But this is just beautiful! quick and easy....

    23. Love this pattern  star rating

      Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Apr 2016

      I think this pattern is lovely and so different. It seems like it is going to be fairly easy to do. I have not had a chance to do this oattern and that is the only reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5.

    24. Great pattern  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2016

      Easy to follow, looks great. Definitely making more!

    25. Wonderful pattern, great wrap, easy to crochet  star rating

      Posted by Mastinomama on 2nd Apr 2016

      The Red Velvet Wrap is almost finished.
      It is fun to crochet, works with almost every sort of wool (I am using handspun, of an unknown sheep breed), and I can't wait to moisten and shape it.

      I will make a great gift for a beloved aunt's birthday, I am sure.

      Thanks again for all those great patterns you supply.


    26. Great pattern  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2016

      Love it!

    27. beautiful, well designed  star rating

      Posted by Debby on 2nd Apr 2016

      Nice outcome, loved the look and drape of this pattern

    28. Gorgeous Pattern  star rating

      Posted by Debora Kummer on 2nd Apr 2016

      I can't wait to make this after I get a bit more experience with crochet, as it looks beautiful.

    29. Review of Red Velvet Rose Wrap pattern  star rating

      Posted by Linda Newcomb on 1st Apr 2016

      Love, love, LOVE this pattern especially done in this beautiful color!

    30. Stunning!  star rating

      Posted by Jennifer Bohn on 1st Apr 2016

      Using the Scarlet colorway as the rise was out of stock. The phrase "It is absolutely exquisite" doesn't do it justice. Pattern is easy to follow and the yarn... Incredible!!!

    31. Just started it today  star rating

      Posted by Connie Greene on 1st Apr 2016

      I like the way it's turning out so far

    32. Easy elegance!  star rating

      Posted by Colleen Vale on 1st Apr 2016

      Pattern is easy to follow. Had so much fun doing this. Looks so classy and fancy. Recommend this pattern to all! You will enjoy.

    33. Lovely Pattern  star rating

      Posted by Cheryl on 1st Apr 2016

      Haven't attempted this yet, but plan to in the future.

    34. Gorgeous  star rating

      Posted by Kathleen McCue on 1st Apr 2016

      Easy to follow pattern, and it's coming together very quickly! Making for my mom, I see another being made for myself too!

    35. Thank You!!  star rating

      Posted by Barb on 25th Mar 2016

      Thank you so much for another beautiful pattern. Your patterns are so well written, and work up so beautifully with EFA yarns.
      A great combination!!

    36. Stunningly beautiful  star rating

      Posted by Mastinomama on 25th Mar 2016

      Just downloaded the pattern - it is stunning, and - as Chandis patterns usually are - easy to follow.

      Thanks again for the gratis opportunity - I took the liberty of passing the information to a couple of very close Ravelry friends because it is SO worth sharing!

      We love your patterns, Chandi!


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