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Textured Laguna Wrap


    This pattern is designed for use with 2 skeins of our Pearlescent Fingering Yarn in colorway: Laguna

    More About This Wrap:

    •Gorgeous, bohemian-inspired texture! It resembles a winding river. Doesn't it also look like the texture of a mermaid's tail? Basically, wear this and you're a bohemian mermaid. Boom! 

    •Intermediate level. Easily-memorizable rows will have you knitting away happily.You'll need to know how to knit, purl, k2tog, p2tog.

    •Size is easily adjustable. Cast on fewer stitches for a scarf or more stitches for a blanket.

    •No worries about running out of yarn. Just stop when you run out!

    •Solid or tonal yarns are gorgeous but feel free to use variegated on this pattern too.

    You'll receive a digital file only (instantly downloadable as a PDF) and won't be shipped anything. Please allow a few minutes for the download link to be emailed to you. If the email doesn't arrive within a few minutes, just log into your account on our site and you'll see your Completed Orders. From there, you'll find the download link.

    Enjoy your knitting!


    You may sell the items you make using my patterns. I just ask that you link back to my shop. Thanks!


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    1. Beauty and texture all in one.  star rating

      Posted by Paula S. Russell on 8th Jun 2016

      This is a lovely wrap that is just perfect for those occasionally chilly summer nights . I am looking forward to making a few of these for folks on my gift list!

    2. Excellent  star rating

      Posted by April Hubbard on 20th May 2016

      Excellent pattern! Well written and easy to follow. I am still working on my lagoona wrap. I chose to use the Lagoona pearlescent yarn recommended in the pattern and it is amazing. I can't wait until I am finished and can show this thing off.

    3. Interesting  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2016

      This looks interesting and easy (my favourite kind of pattern). Will search through my stash and see what I have.

    4. Gift for Granddaughter!  star rating

      Posted by WJ on 20th Apr 2016

      I enjoyed making this wrap as there are plenty of pictures to show how it looks in use. It is well written and easy to follow with enough variation to keep me interested. This will be a gift for a granddaughter, so I wanted something special. I definitely wanted elegance and quality so I used a silk blend! It turned out fabulous.

    5. I do not knit. I want to try to crochet this.  star rating

      Posted by Carol Testa281 on 20th Apr 2016

      I do not knit. I am going to try to crochet this. I need to look at the pattern more and figure out what crochet stitches would resemble the knitted ones the best and then just go for it.

      We shall see what happens!

    6. Beautiful!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Apr 2016

      Love this pattern! Can't wait to get started!

    7. Laguna Wrap  star rating

      Posted by Lydia Krohmer on 20th Apr 2016

      Wonderful pattern. No problems.

    8. Well written pattern  star rating

      Posted by Betty on 20th Apr 2016

      I love the wrap and there are plenty of pictures to show how it looks in use. Well written and easy to follow with enough variation to keep it interesting.

    9. Grecian sea colours  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 19th Apr 2016

      This was very easy to knit but but looked stunning. Reminded me of the beautiful blue waters you see around Greece.

    10. Just what I was looking for !  star rating

      Posted by Heather Hunter on 18th Apr 2016

      Perfect for a summer's night when it can get a bit cool.

    11. Pretty yarns  star rating

      Posted by Peggy Schorsch on 17th Apr 2016

      So far I love all the yarn colors and textures. Will be ordering again. The patterns are lovely too.

    12. Excited to start  star rating

      Posted by Jonna on 17th Apr 2016

      I just got the pattern and the yarn to start this project. Love the look of it. Will be nice gifts for family.

    13. Laguna Wrap  star rating

      Posted by Teckla on 17th Apr 2016

      I bought this pattern to study a bit before purchasing yarn. I wanted to be sure it was something that I could handle and I have decided it is. My next step will be choosing the right yarn, especially the color. I am a slow knitter so I will not start this project right away, but am looking forward to it. I currently have two projects on the needles, an afghan and a scarf that I am determined to finish first. I am loving Expressions Fiber Arts web page and drooling over what I see. I love, love, love beautiful yarn and Chandi's colors are totally gorgeous! I use a wide range of fibers, but when I want something special, I definitely want elegance and quality such as silk and silk blends!

    14. Awesome  star rating

      Posted by Kathleen on 17th Apr 2016

      I now have something to work towards as my skills improve. Right now, it's w-a-y up there but I'll get there as I practice more. I'm renewing my abilities after a lot of years away from knitting and crocheting. I now have the time and the patience to pick both up again. My skills are coming, but the dust has to be blown off the old file cabinet in the brain!!! Thanks for the design, please keep them coming.

    15. Love this wrap  star rating

      Posted by alisa McGrath on 16th Apr 2016

      I just started to knit this and am loving how easy it is. It's going to look so cool.

    16. Great Pattern  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2016

      Love this pattern

    17. So much fun  star rating

      Posted by Kitty Young on 16th Apr 2016

      This is a great pattern, I started it right away. Simple pattern changes that are easy to memorize, and keep your interest as the colors and patterns are creating this fabulous textured garment.

    18. easy yet stunning  star rating

      Posted by Martina on 16th Apr 2016

      A great pattern. I did a first wrap in a bright sunny yellow, the second one is to follow. The effect depends mainly on the yarn you choose - this is the "hardest" part. Just four stars, cause it gets a bit boring (well, can you have an easy pattern you can knit everywehe which is challenging at the same tim - probably not. But I guess that is what all knitters are searching for).

    19. Easy, mindless Patten that has gorgeous results!  star rating

      Posted by CheVon Bell on 15th Apr 2016

      I tend to shy away from projects like shawls, blankets and the like because I trend to grow bored and never finish them. But the stitch pattern changes in this pattern just often enough to hold my interest. I'm using Chandi's Resilient Sock yarn to knit this up and I just love working with it.

    20. Easy knitting in front of the tv  star rating

      Posted by Jennifer on 15th Apr 2016

      I am using the plush peacock and put it on a circular so I can't lose stitches while watching tv. I haven't gotten further than the first section, but I look forward to a beautiful wrap in just a few couch potato sessions of knitting.

    21. Beautiful drape  star rating

      Posted by linda on 15th Apr 2016

      Lovely pattern. Not difficult with easy to read pattern You will be very satisfied with this knit.

    22. Beautiful!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr 2016

      Just started this. I really like it.

    23. Great  star rating

      Posted by Leta on 15th Apr 2016

      Looks great! Very easy, just keep track of the rows.

    24. Love the pattern.  star rating

      Posted by Cydni Caldwell on 15th Apr 2016

      Reviewing so the emails will stop.

      I haven't started the pattern yet but looking forward to.beginning soon.

    25. Amazing texture and light  star rating

      Posted by Karen Ferrie on 15th Apr 2016

      Such a pretty pattern. Creates a fabric with beautiful flow.

    26. Gorgeous stole  star rating

      Posted by Marcia on 15th Apr 2016

      Haven't started yet but can't wait. Gave it 4 stars because it just looks so lovely

    27. easy to follow - good pattern  star rating

      Posted by Mary on 15th Apr 2016

      I am currently using the amethyst birthstone yarn for this pattern - can hardly wait to finish and wear! very easy instructions - good pattern!

    28. Love it!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr 2016

      I just love this pattern. crisp and new looking. Thanks

    29. Oh my gosh! Incredibly beautiful pattern!  star rating

      Posted by Vickie S. on 15th Apr 2016

      I love this and I can't wait to get my needles going! Chandi is so incredibly talented not only with her patterns but her yarns are simply 2DIE4. I rarely ever see another fiber artist that can come close to what Chandi can do with her gorgeous color ways and dye talents. I could gush all day over this girl's talent. Not to mention she is a beautiful and kind woman to give us free patterns. She's the perfect stunning model for her pieces and her husband being the fabulous photographer he is makes them the perfect pair to show off her incredible talent. I am a HUGE fan and oh how I wish I had the time to knit more and more money to buy lots of her yarns. Can you imagine sitting in your craft room surrounded by shelves filled with Chandi's yarns???????? Your head might explode from trying to figure out which one to start with - ha.

    30. Beautiful shawl  star rating

      Posted by Florence Fales on 15th Apr 2016

      This shawl is exquisite. The yarn is beautiful and soft.
      I hope to buy the yarn very soon to knit this shawl.

    31. Easy, elegant, electric!  star rating

      Posted by Carolyn Crosby on 15th Apr 2016

      I've read through the entire pattern and I'm excited about getting started! I'm just waiting for the yarn to arrive and I'll be on my way! I can hardly wait!

    32. Another Lovely Pattern  star rating

      Posted by Barb on 8th Apr 2016

      Thank you so much for another lovely knitting pattern.
      Your patterns are so easy to follow, so well written, and a delight to create.

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