Brilliance - 2024 MKAL (Mystery Knit Along)

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Brilliance - 2024 MKAL (Mystery Knit Along)

  • Craft: Knit
  • Free/Paid: Paid
  • Yarn Weight: Sport
  • Yarn Base: Buttery Sport
  • Yardage: 800+
  • Project Type: Blankets
  • Project Type: Shawls/Wraps
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
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We are having a yearlong Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) over on Ravelry. Click HERE to learn more and to join in on all the fun!

This pattern is free for a limited time. Just add to cart and complete checkout to receive the download. For more info, click hereBe sure to sign in to your account before you check out, so when future clues go live, you'll only need to login and re-download the pattern to receive the next clue.

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Blanket: 45” (114 cm) wide x 60” (152.5 cm) long

Shawl: 30” (76 cm) wide x 72” (183 cm) long

Symmetrical Blanket: 49” (124.5 cm) wide x 90” (229 cm) long

Symmetrical Shawl: 30” (76 cm) wide x 90” (229 cm) long

Small Continuous Swatch: 8” (20.5 cm) wide x 60” (152.5 cm) long

Large Continuous Swatch: 12” (30.5 cm) wide x 72” (183 cm) long 


Expression Fiber Arts Buttery Sport yarn (300 yds/274 m per 3.5 oz/100 g skein) 

Brilliance will require 12 different colored skeins total, and one clue will be released each month.

Brilliance is offered in four different options – blanket, shawl, symmetrical blanket, and symmetrical shawl. One skein of each clue color is required for the blanket or shawl option. An additional skein of Colors A, C, D, E, G, and I are needed to work the symmetrical blanket and the symmetrical shawl options.

Clues 1, 3, 4, and 5 will require one or two skeins depending on the option you select. Clue 2 will require one skein. Additional information is provided in the pattern regarding your options and how the size/item you wish to make will determine the number of skeins needed.

Recommended Buttery Sport clue colors – Color A: Fuchsia Glow, Color B: Pixie Dust, Color C: Aeolus, Color D: Apparition, and Color E: Milky Way Galaxy Buttery Sport.

If those colors aren't available, any from this category will work.

  • We’re also putting together an alternative set of Buttery Sport colors that could be used for the 2024 MKAL. The clue colors in this Warm Cottagecore palette are: A) Ceres, B) Frond, C) Dawa, D) Gerbera, and E) Levanna Buttery Sport.
  • We’re also curating a set of Twisted Tweed Sport colors that could be used for the 2024 MKAL. The clue colors in the Magnificent Moment palette are: A) Stardew, B) Aleutian, C) Take Chances, D) Light Sea Blue, and E) Cherish Twisted Tweed Sport.


US size 3 (3.25 mm), 4 (3.50 mm), 5 (3.75 mm), 6 (4.0 mm), and 7 (4.5 mm) needles or size(s) needed to achieve gauge. Circular needles with a 32” cable, minimum, will work best. Symmetrical versions require two cables.

A full set of small (US sizes 2-8) interchangeable needles is highly recommended. 


Adventurous Beginner to Intermediate: This pattern is for knitters who have made a few projects and are ready to work with more than one color of yarn. Skills/concepts include stranded and slipped stitch colorwork, lace, cables, i-cord, and working multiple skills in a single stitch pattern. Pattern sections that include multiple concepts will follow sections in which each skill is worked separately.

Notes from the Designer:

In the diamond-finishing business, the brillianteer is responsible for the detailed shaping and polishing that takes each basic stone to its spectacular final appearance. Every knitter is a kind of brillianteer. We take three very basic stitches – knits, purls, and slips – and shape and finish them in ways that produce stunning finished projects.

The blank page I had at the beginning of this project produced a moment of anxiety and dread (much as I imagine a diamond-cutter would feel when faced with the task of making the first cut to a raw diamond). “Brilliance” became my vision and motto for this design. I wanted to utilize a wide variety of techniques to shape the basics – in ways that even the adventurous beginner would be able to work – into a finished item that shines and reflects the many different and amazing facets that this craft offers.

For the adventurous beginners considering this project, I want to offer this encouragement: yes, there are parts of this that will at first look hard. I promise, every single part breaks down to knits, purls, and slips. Take it one stitch at a time. You CAN do it. Not only that, I guarantee that you will finish this year with a vast array of new skills under your belt and a finished project you can be immensely proud of accomplishing. 

  • Click the Videos tab to watch a video about this month's clue.
  • The blanket or shawl uses 12 skeins of EFA Buttery Sport yarn (300 yds/274 m per skein).
  • Blanket yardage: Color A: 291 yds (266 m); Color B: 176 yds (161 m); Color C: 297 yds (272 m); Color D: 305 yds (279 m); Color E: 320 yds (293 m); Color F: 211 yds (193 m); Color G: 334 yds (305 m); Color H: 203 yds (186 m); Color I: 301 yds (275 m); Color J: 162 yds (148 m); Color K: 268 yds (244 m); Color L: 286 yds (262 m). 
  • Shawl yardageColor A: 263 yds (240 m); Color B: 145 yds (132 m); Color C: 286 yds (261 m); Color D: 281 yds (257 m); Color E: 246 yds (224 m); Color F: 178 yds (163 m); Color G: 239 yds (218 m); Color H: 137 yds (125 m); Color I: 282 yds (258 m); Color J: 190 yds (174 m); Color K: 249 yds (228 m); Color L: 249 yds (228 m).
  • Symmetrical Blanket yardage: Color A: 557 yds (509 m); Color B: 284 yds (260 m); Color C: 485 yds (443 m); Color D: 425 yds (443 m); Color E: 547 yds (500 m); Color F: 263 yds (240 m); Color G: 519 yds (474 m); Color H: 254 yds (232 m); Color I: 503 yds (459 m); Color J: 177 yds (162 m); Color K: 268 yds (244 m); Color L: 286 yds (262 m). 
  • Symmetrical Shawl yardage: Color A: 452 yds (412 m); Color B: 230 yds (211 m); Color C: 393 yds (359 m); Color D: 345 yds (315 m); Color E: 443 yds (405 m); Color F: 213 yds (195 m); Color G: 421 yds (384 m); Color H: 205 yds (188 m); Color I: 407 yds (372 m); Color J: 143 yds (131 m); Color K: 217 yds (198 m); Color L: 232 yds (212 m). 
  • For the blanket, Color E and Color G come very close to using the entire skein. Modification suggestions are provided for knitters who do not have enough of those colors to complete the project, but if you prefer to complete the project exactly as written, it is recommended that you purchase two skeins of these colors to ensure you won’t run out.
  • Directions and modifications are included throughout the pattern for those who prefer to work a symmetrical version of either the blanket or the shawl.
  • A second skein each of Color A, Color C, Color D, Color E, Color G, and Color I, plus an additional 24” minimum length cable, are required to work the symmetrical versions.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Because this project uses high contrast colors, whether you use the suggested colors or other high contrast colors, spray or steam blocking your finished project is strongly encouraged to avoid colors bleeding during blocking.
  • Stitches are slipped purlwise unless stated otherwise.
  • The i-cord edge option creates a very polished, neatly finished edge, but is time-consuming to cast on and bind off due to the large number of stitches. It is also crucial that the edges are worked loosely. Otherwise, they will unnaturally restrict the overall body of the project and prevent many of the sections from being blocked appropriately.
  • A seed stitch border option is provided for those who prefer a simpler and/or quicker beginning and end to their project. Due to the changes in needle sizes called for throughout the project and the modifications necessary to neatly change colors, the seed stitch edge will not look as tidy or uniform.
  • To avoid multiple sets of instructions for each clue, all edge stitches are designated “W5E.” In the Setup section prior to beginning the Clue 1 pattern, instructions are provided to explain how each type of border – an i-cord or seed stitch – should be worked throughout the entire project. Specific instructions on changing colors for each type of border are also included in each clue.
  • Primary instructions, row counts, and stitch counts are specifically for the blanket. Changes for the shawl pattern are notated inside brackets throughout – e.g. [shawl: xxx sts]. Changes for the symmetrical versions are notated inside braces throughout – e.g. {symmetrical version: shawl – xxx sts; blanket – xxx sts}.
  • Gauge swatches are imperative for each stitch pattern to ensure you do not run out of yarn and so a straight edge will be maintained. Please do not assume that you knit to the same gauge as I do. Swatching is an extra step, but it ensures that what you are knitting turns out correctly and that you will not run out of yarn. Several clues use nearly all of the skein, so if your gauge is off by even a little, there is a good chance you will end up short on that color.
  • I recommend following the instructions given in each clue for knitting a continuous swatch and placing a lifeline at the end of each completed section in case you need multiple tries to get an accurate gauge on the next section. For several clues, the stitch count will change on these continuous swatches, and instructions are provided for making these changes. Some swatches will require two contrasting colors of yarn, which will be referred to throughout the instructions as Light Color and Dark Color. Working this continuous swatch with 2–4 additional skeins of the same yarn base you are using for your main project (one skein of each color for small version; two skeins of each color for large version) will create a two-color, scarf-sized version by the end of the project. Separate charts are not provided for the continuous swatches; however, the regular chart for each clue – minus the stitch at the beginning and end of each row – can be used.
  • When working the continuous swatch, make sure that each subsequent clue fits in the same width as the prior clue(s) without the fabric pulling in or bowing out, unless explicitly noted in that clue’s instructions.
  • Stitch gauge is more crucial than row height for this project.
  • If you end up between needle sizes when swatching for gauge, generally you should choose the smaller needle when working clues that make lace and the larger needle when working clues that contain colorwork, any stranding (including slipped stitches), or cables.
  • The yarn specified for each clue will be used for more than just that clue, and between 90-100% of many of the skeins will be used to complete the project. If you use project yarn for swatching, it will be necessary to reclaim the yarn from nearly every clue’s swatch in order to complete the project.
  • Please note that the swatching pattern provided for each clue is NOT the same as the actual clue instructions.
  • The instructions for how to complete each clue follow the written pattern rows. Be sure to read through the entirety of the pattern instructions for your chosen version before beginning each clue.
  • Stitches worked inside the edge markers are bolded for clarity. 

Designed by Jennifer Matlock

You'll receive a digital file only (instantly downloadable as a PDF) and won't be shipped anything. Please allow a few minutes for the download link to be emailed to you. If the email doesn't arrive within a few minutes, just log into your account on our site, and you'll see your Completed Orders. From there, you'll find the download link.

Enjoy your knitting!


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1.16.24: The yardage totals in the Notes Section have been updated.

1.18.24: The yardages for the shawl have been updated, as well as the dimensions for both the Symmetrical Shawl and Symmetrical Blanket.

3.5.24: Setup Option 2 on p 9, updated Setup 5 and Setup 6.

3.15.24: The number of Clue 3 repeats for the symmetrical version has been corrected.

4.26.24: Incorrect wording removed from the blanket and shawl instructions on page 20. The words “on each cable” only applies to the symmetrical versions.

5.16.24: The chart legend for Clue 5 was updated.

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