Pre-Order Potential – June 2024 Insider's Yarn Club

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Pre-Order Potential – June 2024 Insider's Yarn Club

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Approximate release date is 30th Jun 2024

What Makes Us Unique 

Exclusive, custom-made, luxurious yarn bases.

Rich, unique colorways for eye-catching projects.

Inspired yarn and patterns created to spark joy.


Welcome to our June yarn club for 2024! Choose from four different clubs, or get them all! All four club colors would work together to create a beautiful gradient.

“May the light illuminate your hearts and shine in your life every day of the year. May everlasting peace be yours and upon our Earth.” – Eileen Anglin

When you purchase this listing, you'll receive one skein of our Calming Cotton Fingering, which is a smooth, crisp blend of 50% cotton and 50% bamboo that is ideal for warmer climates. This yarn has a delightful sheen and drape with wonderful next-to-skin softness. Let each stitch soothe and comfort you, as it glides through your fingers. 437 yds/400 m per skein.

Please note that this month's club goodies are specific to each colorway. We are unable to substitute one color's goody for another. Thanks!

Things to Know

- You will receive one shipment and won't be charged anything further. 

- We are dyeing up a limited number of skeins for these clubs, and they will disappear from the site without notice. It's best not to delay if you want to join this month.

Our theme this month is Summer Solstice. As the sun reaches its zenith in the Northern Hemisphere and casts its golden hues across the sky, our yarn club colors are inspired by this pivotal moment of warmth, growth, and abundance.

Just as the solstice marks a turning point in the seasons, knitting and crocheting are acts of transformation and creativity. With every stitch, you bring forth beauty and warmth, much like the sun's rays that nourish the earth. With these colors in your hands, crafting becomes a reflection of the solstice's symbolism – a reminder of the light within you and the potential for growth and change. As you work, feel your connection to nature's rhythms and the traditions that honor the sun's journey. Weave the spirit of the solstice into your creations, embracing the energy of the longest day and celebrating the cycle of renewal.


When you purchase this club, you'll receive one skein of our Calming Cotton Fingering yarn in a color exclusive to club members. The skein is inspired by the photo (but not strictly), and you'll only see the real deal in person (it'll be quite stunning!). You won't know until you receive it! 

Release any expectations of what the yarn colorways may look like. Although inspired by the photo, we still want them to be a surprise.  


• 1 skein of our soft and soothing Calming Cotton Fingering yarn (437 yds/400 m per skein).

• A set of vintage style stickers. A $6 value. (Please note that this month's club goodies are specific to each colorway. We are unable to substitute one color's goody for another.)

• A coupon available only to Insider Club members.

• Knit and crochet pattern suggestions.


• US customers: Want free shipping? Just order $50 or more, and select free shipping at checkout.

• International customers: Although we can't give free shipping for you, if you'd like to get together with a friend and order multiple packages, we can ship them all together, and shipping costs PER item go down significantly. (It's best to place one BIG order, rather than many, smaller orders). 

• This month, use code: club10 at checkout for 10% off 2+ clubs.

I hope you enjoy the clubs this month! Happy stitching!


P.S. Remember to use code: club10 at checkout for 10% off 2+ clubs.