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  • Craft: Crochet
  • Free/Paid: Paid
  • Yarn Weight: Fingering
  • Yarn Base: Bamboo Alpaca Fingering
  • Yardage: 800+
  • Project Type: Blankets
  • Difficulty: Beginner
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47” x 47” (119 cm x 119 cm), approximately


Expression Fiber Arts Bamboo Alpaca Fingering yarn

Shown in colors: Tide, Be a Mermaid, Spontaneity, State of Mind, Unveil the Beauty, Endless Summer, Made for Sun, Forever Memories, Sunny Vibes, Hidden Treasures, Lake Life, Sparkling Sea, Moon Love, Enjoy the Waves, Swimming in Stars, Feel the Sky, Good Times, Flip Flops, Let Your Soul Fly, and Find Your Wave.

If any of the colors are sold out, feel free to double up on one of the other colors instead or use any combination of colors you like.

The sample shown was made with approximately 4260 yards (3896 m) total: (Colors A-D: 260 yds/ 238 m each, Colors E-P: 165 yds/ 151 m each, Colors Q-T (white): 310 yds/ 284 m each).

Although our sample used 20 different colors of Bamboo Alpaca Fingering, you can make your blanket with fewer colors or even just one. Just use the yardage/meterage totals above to calculate how much yarn you'll need for the number of colors you wish to use.

If those colors aren't available, any from this category will work.


US size ​​H/8 (5.00 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge


Beginner - Perfect for those who are just beginning or have crocheted a project or two. Stitches include single crochet, double crochet, slip stitches, and joining squares.

Notes From the Designer:

Growing up, we had a granny square blanket on the back of our living room couch. It had been crocheted by a friend of the family and was a constant part of our home. When I was home sick from school, my mom would wrap me in the blanket, and I would sip soup as I watched old movies on our TV. I would wrap myself in it when doing homework or reading a book on the couch, and I even used it a time or two as the roof for my fort made out of couch cushions.

The blanket was a warm, comforting weight that was always there. When I left home to go to college, the blanket stayed on that couch, but when I would go home, I’d see that blanket there and just knew I was home. Later when I moved into my own home, I wanted to have that feeling. I recreated this simple, timeless blanket pattern using our Bamboo Alpaca Fingering yarn to remember all those happy, nostalgic feelings of home.

  • Click the Videos tab to watch a tutorial on how to make a granny square and how to join them. You can also watch Part 1 of the Retrovibe video series here and Part 2 here. Part 2 demonstrates an easy, stretchy, reversible joining method that you can use to seam together your granny squares.
  • Gauge is not crucial to this project but may require additional yardage.
  • The sample shown was made with approximately 4260 yards (3896 m) total (Colors A-D: 260 yds/ 238 m each, Colors E-P: 165 yds/ 151 m each, Colors Q-T (white): 310 yds/ 284 m each).
  • This blanket is composed of 64 different small granny squares. They are individually bordered and then joined to make one big 8 x 8 square blanket. Then a final border is worked around this big square.
  • Each granny square is made holding two strands of different colored yarn together. To make a blanket as shown, use the Granny Square Matrix to see which two colors are paired for each designated square and how the individual squares are arranged together to get the overall effect. The borders and joining rows are worked holding two strands of complementary white shades together. Since some of the colors may be sold out, please feel free to change and substitute the colors as needed.
  • The granny squares and borders are worked in the round with the Right Side (RS) always facing you. Do NOT turn your work at the end of a round before staring the next round.
  • Many of the colors are very similar, so I’d recommend using some method to quickly tell which letter represents each color. (I kept my yarn balls in labeled sandwich bags, sorted into groups kept in gallon size bags). Even if you can tell the skeins apart, once the granny squares are made, you’ll still need a way to tell which is which, so you can join them in together in the right order. (I used straight pins to attach a paper tag with the letters written on them to each square, as I completed them).

Designed by Chandi Agee

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Enjoy your crocheting!


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