I need pattern ideas and/or help! See our patterns here and also check out sites like Ravelry and Craftsy. If you need inspiration and ideas or have questions about a specific pattern, please post that on our Ravelry forum.

How do I know how much yarn to order for a project? It's hard to guess, so I recommend finding a pattern you like on Ravelry.com and sorting by item type (sweater, shawl, etc) and yarn weight preference (worsted, fingering, etc) and seeing how much yardage is required. Then you'll be able to determine the number of skeins to purchase to make that or a similar item.

Do you ever work with designers? Yes! If you're a knit or crochet designer and would like to use our yarns in your projects, just let us know! We love this!

Do you have a physical shop where I can come peruse your items? We do not. Our products are available online only.

Do you wholesale your products to yarn shops? Please contact us for our wholesale information. We are currently offering custom dyeing (50 skein minimum per colorway) and have a small selection of colorways available for wholesale purchase. Shades listed on our retail site are not available for wholesale purchase.

Do your yarns arrive in skeins or pre-wound into balls? We ship virtually all of our yarns in skeins. We dye them in this form, dry them, twist and label them and then ship them off to you. Keeping the yarn in hanks/skeins until you're ready to use them is best. It allows the fibers to stay relaxed. 

Do you wind skeins into balls for orders? I'm afraid due to time issues, that we can't. In the "olden" days, we did, but it's no longer possible for us at this time, due to the volume of orders we receive. Someday we hope to be able to offer this service again, but in the meantime, we don't. If you plan on using/ordering many skeins, we recommend you invest in a swift and ball winder, but if you don't currently have those, here is a tutorial on how to wind a center-pull ball with your hands. 

What should I make with your yarns? We get asked this question a lot. And our answer is, it's totally up to you! A Ravelry.com search, sorted by yarn weight, yardage, type, etc, will reveal a host of items you can make with our various yarns. The options are endless. Asking here on our Ravelry forum is the best option for garnering project ideas for our yarns.

Will your yarns bleed? Most of them will not. If you encounter the rare shade that seeps color a bit upon washing, just place it into a bowl and cover with water. Add a few splashes of vinegar and heat in the microwave for 5 minute intervals until very warm. Allow the bowl to sit until cool and all the excess dye should be soaked up. Rinse using your favorite dishwashing liquid to fully remove any remaining dye. We go through a similar process with all of our hand-dyed yarn so typically you won't find any dye bleed off. 

How do I care for your yarn? Our superwash wool products can be machine-washed and are quite sturdy and long-wearing. (However, hand-washing is still recommended to maintain the life of the item.) These are great for items that will be used frequently (mittens, hats, scarves, afghans, etc). Other yarns, including luxury items must be hand-washed, so keep your recipient in mind when using these higher-end yarns. Machine-washing will ruin the finished item. If in doubt, hand-wash and lay flat to dry! 

Why does the site changes prices on my items when I add them to my cart? If you're in a different country, the site will adjust pricing accordingly. You can adjust the currency by clicking the link in the bottom left of the site.