How do I download your patterns? Our patterns, whether free or paid, are like any other product. The easiest way to download the patterns is to:

1. Sign in to your account

2. Add the desired pattern to your cart

3. Complete checkout. (If acquiring a free pattern only, select the normal checkout button - not amazon pay, Paypal, etc, since payment is not required.)

You'll be shown the download link immediately as well as receive an email with the download link. Click that and you'll be good to download the PDF to any device. 

Should you ever misplace the pattern, you can login, click on Orders and re-download. Having the patterns listed as products like this also helps us to know who ordered which pattern and when, so we can better assist you should you need it. 

*If you're new to our site and don't know how totally awesome we are yet and that you can trust us and we value your privacy, know that we don't need your address/phone number, etc - the site just requires that since you're checking out. Just enter dots or incomplete info if you feel more comfortable. We only need you to enter a valid email address so you can receive the pattern. You will not be signed up for our email newsletter - however, if you would like to receive updates when new items and patterns are available, you may sign up at the bottom of this site. Our site does send out 3 autoresponders to inquire if you'd like to complete your order, should you leave items in your cart. 

I need pattern ideas and/or help! See our patterns here and also check out sites like Ravelry and Craftsy. If you need inspiration and ideas or have questions about a specific pattern, please post that on our Ravelry forum.

How do I know how much yarn to order for a project? It's hard to guess, so I recommend finding a pattern you like on and sorting by item type (sweater, shawl, etc) and yarn weight preference (worsted, fingering, etc) and seeing how much yardage is required. Then you'll be able to determine the number of skeins to purchase to make that or a similar item.

Do you ever work with designers? We work with a limited number of designers whom we feel fit our culture and mission. If you're interested, please feel free to reach out with your collaboration concepts, site and social media links and outreach and a bit of info about yourself. We're always happy to meet new fiber friends!

Do you have a physical shop where I can come peruse your items? We do not. Our products are available online only.

Do you wholesale your products to yarn shops? Currently, no.

Do your yarns arrive in skeins or pre-wound into balls? We ship virtually all of our yarns in skeins. We dye them in this form, dry them, twist and label them and then ship them off to you. Keeping the yarn in hanks/skeins until you're ready to use them is best. It allows the fibers to stay relaxed. Be sure to wind into balls prior to use.

Do you wind skeins into balls for orders? I'm afraid due to time issues, that we can't. In the old days, we did, but it's no longer possible for us at this time, due to the volume of orders we receive. Someday we hope to be able to offer this service again, but in the meantime, we don't. If you plan on using/ordering many skeins, we recommend you invest in a swift and ball winder, but if you don't currently have those, here is a tutorial on how to wind a center-pull ball with your hands. 

What should I make with your yarns? We get asked this question a lot. And our answer is, it's totally up to you! A search, sorted by yarn weight, yardage, type, etc, will reveal a host of items you can make with our various yarns. The options are endless. Asking here on our Ravelry forum is the best option for garnering project ideas for our yarns.

Will your yarns bleed? Most of them should not but hand-dyed yarn can release dye. Some skeins may transfer color, especially very saturated colors like reds, hot pinks, turquoises and navy tones. We recommend doing a swatch test before use if combining shades in a project. For high contrast colorwork, steam blocking is recommended, rather than wet blocking. Just as you wouldn't wash your reds with your whites as the dye may release and tint the white clothing, please keep this same concept in mind with hand-dyed yarn. Some skeins will release dye, even after our best efforts. If you encounter the shade that seeps color a bit upon washing, just place it into a bowl and cover with water. Add a few splashes of vinegar and heat in the microwave for 5 minute intervals until very warm. Allow the bowl to sit until cool and all the excess dye should be soaked up. Rinse using your favorite wool wash to fully remove any remaining dye. 

How do I care for your yarn? Our superwash wool products can be machine-washed and are quite sturdy and long-wearing. (However, hand-washing is still recommended to maintain the life of the item.) These are great for items that will be used frequently (mittens, hats, scarves, afghans, etc). Other yarns, including luxury items must be hand-washed, so keep your recipient in mind when using these higher-end yarns. Machine-washing will ruin the finished item. If in doubt, hand-wash and lay flat to dry! 

Why does the site changes prices on my items when I add them to my cart? If you're in a different country, the site will adjust pricing accordingly. You can adjust the currency by clicking the link in the bottom left of the site. 

Why does my skein look different than the photo? We do our best to take and edit photos to most accurately represent our yarn. Monitors do vary, so what you see may not be exactly what we see on our monitors. Each photo is an average skein plucked from one batch. Hand-dyed yarn varies from batch to batch and even within each batch so please allow some variance in tonality, saturation and shade from the photos. 

Do you dye custom orders? Yes and no. Most of our colorways can be dyed onto most of our yarn bases. We have a 5- to 10- skein minimum for anything custom and it's based on current dye scheduling. Please feel free to ask. For example, if you love our Red Velvet Rose colorway but it's currently only listed on Pearlescent Worsted yarn, but you want at least 5 skeins on Resilient sock yarn, please email asking for that and we will let you know if it's currently possible or not. Most of the time we can acquiesce. We do not do fully custom orders (creating a new shade) unless you need several hundred skeins for a special project/event. We do not accept returns or offer discounts or free shipping on custom requests.