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Mystery TANGLED or Oopsy Skein

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    What is a Mystery TANGLED Oopsy Skein?

    It can be any of our yarn bases or colors. It will arrive unlabeled. These are skeins that either arrive already flawed or get wonked out during the dye process.

    It's either:

    •A skein that is tangled/tossled and will require a bit more time and love to wind into a ball

    •A skein with a noticeable break/knot/blip in the yarn that will need to be cut and spliced

    •A general boo boo in the skein

    It's a total mystery but a great deal! 


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    1. Surprise Surprise!!  star rating

      Posted by Becca on 20th Jan 2017

      Love the oopsies- great quality yarn and a surprise to boot. I knit and crochet so always nice to have a variety of colors and yarn weights.

    2. Awsome in so many ways, But....  star rating

      Posted by Kathryn Collins, Ontario, Canada on 29th Dec 2016

      I ordered 6 of these and I don't regret it. They're not as tangled/knotted as you would fear, or have as many dying blips. They look almost as perfect as the regular skeins. They do need some love to make into a workable ball, but it's worth it.

      The only thing that would make these better is if they came with some information on the tag. The tag says, "Mystery/Tangled Oopsy"; it would be good if these tags were to say the yarn gauge, i.e. worsted, fingering, dk, etc., yarn composition, and include washing and care instructions. Other than the lack of information on the tag. I love all of the colours and yarns I received and will definitely ordered these again.

    3. Absolutely Fantastic!  star rating

      Posted by Angela on 16th Dec 2016

      I was very excited to receive the yarn in the mail! The yarn had only a few odd dyes on it , but the overall color (mine was orange) was quite beautiful!
      I recommend this for anyone who loves surprises!

    4. Love the yarn!  star rating

      Posted by Kat on 24th Nov 2016

      I ordered the oopsey skein to try this yarn - keep seeing the lovely pictures but wasn't sure about ordering yet. I was glad I got purple for my color - was afraid I would get orange (not my favorite). The only thing that could make it better is to know yardage and fiber content.

    5. Beautiful Yarn!  star rating

      Posted by Linda Hoening on 23rd Nov 2016

      I have not opened the skeins yet, but it sure is beautiful / soft yarn. Can't wait to see what I make out of it.

    6. Just as expected  star rating

      Posted by Emily on 23rd Nov 2016

      I ordered the mystery oopsy skeins to save some money on yarn I knew would be beautiful. I ordered 2 skeins and received a worsted and sport weight. Amusingly my friend ordered the same as I did and received the same 2 so we were able to trade and each have 2 of the same. I've caked one of the worsted I got and it was tangled a bit and there was a spot on the yarn that was a bit frayed. As long as I crochet with a smaller hook it won't even be noticible.
      I'm very happy with my purchase and consider the discount more than fair!

    7. Oopsy love  star rating

      Posted by Kimberly Balachowski on 22nd Nov 2016

      Beautiful skeins of yarn. I haven't worked with them yet, but love them all. Will buy more.... The only thing I wish is that the skeins said what weight (Worsted, DK, Sport, etc) they are so as to know approximate yardage for what I will use them for.

    8. Great surprise yarn!  star rating

      Posted by lisa on 5th Aug 2016

      It was a fingerling pink and white and not so tangled really! Love It!

    9. So delighted!  star rating

      Posted by Yiran Lu on 19th Jun 2016

      I was delighted to see that these oopsy skeins weren't as messed up as I feared! I could see how they are indeed oopsy, but they are still totally beautiful and luxurious! Also big thanks to Chandi for being considerate and paying attention to my note!

    10. Tickled Pink  star rating

      Posted by Colleen on 18th May 2016

      I was, like so many others, tickled pink at the Oopsy skein I received as it wasn't as big a mess as I thought. Mine happened to have areas where the plies were coming loose/unwound, but I've certainly dealt with worse issues. My only gripe (which Chandi graciously helped identify mine via email and pics) was if the oopsy skeins had weight and fiber content included to make it easier to turn these oopsies into works of beauty.

    11. So awesome!  star rating

      Posted by Kari Widner on 10th May 2016

      I just got my yarn yesterday and let me tell you! This stuff is wonderful. I got the Pistachio Feather Texture which is a 50:50 of merino and silk pearlescent yarn. It wasn't really tangled and the color is beautiful. I'm not usually fond of green but this one is pretty! Now I just need to figure out what to make with it. Thank you for being awesome Chandi and everyone at Expression Fiber Arts!

    12. Tangled....oopsy wow!  star rating

      Posted by Mandy on 8th Apr 2016

      Omgosh! I didn't know what to expect, but truly impressed! I ordered because I like surprises. :) When I opened it is was truly trying to decide what the oopsy was! A little sadness because it wasn't tangled...lol! One small blemish and it is crocheting up beautifully! Thanks so much! Wonderful! Everyone should try this one and be surprised. I went back and checked your products to find which one it was.

    13. Love the mystery  star rating

      Posted by Sally on 31st Mar 2016

      I bought this because I am one of those people that don't mind untangling a blown up skein. I love the color that I received. One thing that would have made it 5 stars is knowing what the yarn is made of and the weight of possible I can tell its fingering weight and with the shine it has silk in it but it would be nice to know the wool silk blend %. I would definitely by another

    14. love this yarn!  star rating

      Posted by Maddie on 6th Mar 2016

      totally worth it. It did take me a bit longer to wind it up, and there were some spots where the dye was a little funny, but it is such a nice quality yarn that it doesn't matter. it wasn't a color I would pick out for myself, but that's the fun of a mystery skein. Perfect for one-skein projects - made myself a slouchy hat! I do wish the yarn weight was listed on the tag - just had to do a little extra detective work to figure out which hook to use.

    15. Oopsie?  star rating

      Posted by Christine on 3rd Mar 2016

      I was absolutely delighted with the color combination of the 2 skeins of "Oopsie" yarn that I received. As I began to wind it into balls, I kept expecting to untangle a lot of little tangles. Nope. No trouble. I have 3 grandchildren who would play with my yarn when they were very little. I've had cats who love to play with yarn. They tangled the yarn much more than was the "oopsie" yarn. So happy.

    16. What a wonderful surprise  star rating

      Posted by Kitty on 2nd Mar 2016

      I ordered 4 oopsy and tangled yarns, and I loved every one of them. Some were worsted, some fingering. The one blue has to be a silk blend and those that have seen it LOVE it. Now to decide what to make with them. The fun begins.

    17. Tangled  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2016

      Super excited about the yarn I received. It's absolutely beautiful but I wish it told me what kind of yarn it is on the tag. Will be winding and untangling soon!

    18. superb yarn!  star rating

      Posted by Darcy on 2nd Mar 2016

      I absolutely love every skein I get! The yarn is so soft and the colors are all amazing! Never one complaint or problem with any orders! This yarn does not disappoint, ever!

    19. Mystery Skeins  star rating

      Posted by Mary on 12th Jan 2016

      Although I generally do not use this weight of yarn I will be looking for patterns to use these 2 skeins. I see some mittens or a mug cosy or two in my future.

    20. Love!  star rating

      Posted by Pat on 12th Jan 2016

      I received my tangled skeins quickly. The glorious colors were icing on the cake. I can't wait to knit with it.

    21. Great Deal!  star rating

      Posted by Bobbi on 24th Dec 2015

      I ordered 4 of these and got 4 different colors/types of yarn. They are all gorgeous and it is awesome to get these beautiful skeins at such a great price! (One of the skeins is over a $20 savings) So, unless you have to have a certain color or type this is a great deal on this amazing yarn!!!!

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