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What Makes Us Unique 

Exclusive, custom-made, luxurious yarn bases.

Rich, unique colorways for eye-catching projects.

Inspired yarn and patterns created to spark joy.


A surprise skein for you!

We'll select a random, full sized skein of yarn for you! (Most valued around US $23-$39). It could be any of our yarn bases and any color. We are unable to take requests. 

Photo shown does not represent color of actual skein you will receive.

These may have booboos or might not! Most skeins will simply be colors we decided not to add to our line (perhaps they look identical to another formula, for example) or they might have a flaw or two.

Perhaps a speck of unintended dye color, or a slight mill error. They might have white spots where the dye didn't take, be a bit of a messy or tousled or tangled skein or just in general have amistake or two. 

Regardless, you'll get gorgeous, hand-dyed yarn at a fun and reasonable price, plus be completely surprised when you open your package!

These oopsy surprise skeins are non-returnable.