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  • Craft: Knit
  • Free/Paid: Paid
  • Yarn Weight: Sport
  • Yarn Base: Mirage Sport
  • Yardage: 800+
  • Project Type: Blankets
  • Difficulty: Adventurous Beginner
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Approximately 92” (234 cm) long by 40” (102 cm) wide, adjustable


Expression Fiber Arts Mirage Sport yarn

Advertence will require 12 different colored skeins total, and one clue will be released each month.

Colors: A) Endless, B) Oatmilk, C) Cacti, D) Sketchpad, E) Honest, F) Clay, G) Purple Chive, H) Statue, I) Adoration, J) Blackboard, K) Soft Breeze, and L) Abyss.

If those colors aren't available, any from this category will work.

We’re also curating a set of Luster Sport colors that could also be used for the 2023 MKAL: 1) Atlas, 2) Powdered Sugar Cookies, 3) Fisherman, 4) Honey Sand, 5) Crystal, 6) San Francisco at Night, 7) Icicle, 8) Velvet Snowflake, 9) French Bulldog, 10) Coffee Stain, 11) Neptune, and 12) Auspice.


US size ​​6 (4.0 mm) knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge
US size ​​8 (5.0 mm) knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge


Adventurous Beginner to Intermediate: This pattern is for those knitters who know how to knit, purl, and slip stitches, and want to learn basic Mosaic knitting techniques.

The word advertence shares roots with a familiar marketing tool, but its definition is notable: the process of paying attention to, of minding. In the midst of constant stimuli designed to encourage consumption, knitting provides a calm respite for creation, a moment of mindfulness. Mosaic knitting, in particular, breaks down complexities into straightforward steps. Combining simple knit and slip stitches only and working with just one color at a time, you can create intricate designs that meld into each other almost imperceptibly.

Advertence is formed from yarn that is sumptuous in both color and texture. As you knit each section, each row, each stitch, hone your focus. Be mindful of the feel of the yarn as it slips through your fingers. Note the soft click of the needles. Watch as each movement creates a stitch that flows into another to form unique patterns. Breathe deeply and slowly, pull your tongue away from the roof of your mouth as you unclench your jaw, and drop your shoulders down and back. Know that in this moment, you are creating art, and enjoy the process. 

  • Click the Videos tab to watch a video about this month's clue.
  • Gauge is not crucial to this project, but will affect yardage and size. Blocking is not crucial, but can greatly affect overall dimensions. Mosaic knitting tends to pull in stitch width, which is why changing to larger needles is recommended to maintain gauge with the one-color top and bottom borders. Before blocking, the width of the sample was approximately 31"; with blocking, it grew 11" to 42".
  • All clues use a multiple of 14 sts + 3 sts, with 10 sts on each side for borders. If you want to change the width of the overall piece, add/delete increments of 14 sts in your cast-on. If you want to change the length of the overall piece, add/delete row repeats as desired.
  • In addition to complete written instructions, this pattern also includes charts for each Mosaic pattern. Each chart shows a full pattern repeat, as well as a second full pattern repeat with colors reversed where applicable.
  • Slip all stitches purlwise. The first slipped stitch at the beginning of each row is slipped purlwise with yarn in front. (Be sure to move the yarn to the back of the work before continuing with the rest of the row.) Stitches slipped in Mosaic patterns are slipped purlwise with yarn in back on right-side rows and with yarn in front on wrong-side rows.
  • The pattern uses 12 different colors but can be made with more or fewer if preferred.
  • Total yards/meters used for this sample: approximately 1,994 yds (1,824 m): Color A: 102 yds (93 m), B: 158 yds (145 m), C: 182 yds (167 m), D: 207 yds (189 m), E: 154 yds (141 m), F: 182 yds (166 m), G: 182 yds (166 m), H: 158 yds (145 m), I: 203 yds (186 m), J: 175 yds (160 m), K: 186 yds (170 m), L: 105 yds (96 m).
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If using the suggested colors or any other high contrast colors, steam blocking is strongly encouraged to avoid color transfer. We also recommend that you make and wash test swatches for all colors to check for color fastness.


Row 22 of Clue 3 should say: Sl first st purlwise wyif, k 9, sm, k 2, *k 3, (sl 1, k 1) 3 times, sl 1, k 4; rep from * across to 1 st before marker, k 1, sm, k 10.

Row 32 and 66 of Clue 4 should say: Sl first st purlwise wyif, k 9, sm, k 2, *(k1, sl 2) 4 times, k 2; rep from * across to 1 st before marker, k 1, sm, k 10.

Rows: 2, 6, 14, 18, 22, 26, 32, 36, 44, 48, 52, 56 of Clue 9 written instructions updated. The k 1 before the asterisk should be k 2. Chart is correct. Please download an updated version of pattern.

Clue 7: Work rows 1 - 44 twice, if you want it to resemble the photo.

Clue 12 Chart corrected. 

Designed by Janica York Carter

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Enjoy your knitting!


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