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  • Craft: Crochet
  • Free/Paid: Paid
  • Yarn Weight: Sport
  • Yarn Base: Artistic Sport
  • Yardage: 800+
  • Project Type: Shawls/Wraps
  • Difficulty: Advanced
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51” (129.5 cm) x 34” (86 cm), blocked


Expression Fiber Arts Artistic Sport yarn 

The sample is shown in: A) Inventive, B) Aesthetic, and C) Sublime.

You will need 2 skeins of Colors A and C and 1 skein of Color B.

Be sure to order all you need for your project because once these colors are gone, they are gone!

Total yards used in sample is approximately 1190 yds/1088 m total: Color A: 530 yds/485 m, Color B: 255 yds/233 m, and Color C: 405 yds/370 m.

If those colors aren’t available, any from this category will work.


US size ​​G (4.25 mm) hook or size needed to obtain gauge


Intermediate to Advanced: For the adventurous crocheter who loves to tackle something a bit more complicated. Skills/concepts include the ability to work foundation sc, hdc, and front post trebles. 

Notes From the Designer:

Alchemy: A seemingly magical transformation of ordinary materials into something new and extraordinary. What better description of the crochet and knit processes? Taking a strand of yarn, then manipulating it through planned stitchwork to create something useful and beautiful. I doubt the process will ever grow old to me. 

In this case, the material is far from ordinary! Each color of Artistic Sport yarn is actually a combination of two strands of color. By changing just one of the strands, a new color is created. This shawl uses three seemingly distinct colors, yet each shares a strand of color with its neighbor.

Construction of the shawl begins at the point. Using the same types of stitches throughout, the shawl gradually grows in width, finishing with a ribbed style edging. The highly textured post stitch design used in the border further helps to transition from one color to the next. 

  • Click the Videos tab to view a tutorial on Row 10, and to see all of the stitches you will use in this pattern.
  • Making a gauge swatch is critical to achieve the desired results. Please DO NOT assume that you crochet to the same gauge as I do! I have learned that I tend to crochet on the ‘tight’ end of the spectrum, so do not be surprised if you need to go down a hook size (or 2!). Yes, it is an extra step, but it also assures you that what you are crocheting will produce what you expect, and you won’t need to worry about running out of yarn. If you are substituting yarn, it is especially important to verify that it behaves in the same way as the yarn called for in the pattern.
  • Once established, the border pattern, from edge to marker, should remain at 25 stitches.
  • When working WS rows, the last hdc is sometimes difficult to find. Placing a marker into the first hdc as soon as it is made in a RS row will make this much easier.
  • Before beginning a RC (or LC), it may be helpful to locate the hdc two rows below that you will be working around. Place a marker around the post of that stitch to make it easier to locate when completing the FPtr portion of the RC (or LC).
  • If you have difficulties finding where to place the hdc in the RC, try placing a marker into the correct stitch after making the last LC. Advance the marker to the left two stitches after completing the RC, which will be the placement of the hdc for the next RC. When the RC’s are complete, hang the marker on one of the cable posts, so that it is handy to use on the next RS row.
  • Refer to Diagram A (page 10) for placement of post stitches.

Designed by Jane Vanselous


6.24.23 - Updated Chart 3 and changed ‘hdc’ to ‘st’ in R189.

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Enjoy your crocheting!


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