E-Book - How to Make $1000 a Month Selling Your Hand-Made Goods Online

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E-Book - How to Make $1000 a Month Selling Your Hand-Made Goods Online

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What Makes Us Unique 

Exclusive, custom-made, luxurious yarn bases.

Rich, unique colorways for eye-catching projects.

Inspired yarn and patterns created to spark joy.


Ever wondered how to make money selling your hand-made items online?

I'm here to help!

I've started and run 2 successful (6 and 7-figure) hand-made product businesses over the last decade and a half and am going to share my secrets with you. 

In this instantly-downloadable ebook, I cover things like:

•Where to sell your items for maximum exposure

•How to spy on others to figure out what to even sell (this is sooo cool! I can't wait to show you)

•What to name your biz to maximize profits. Once you know what you’re selling, you’ve got to name your lil’ company. 

•What you must include in your listing titles and product descriptions if you want to skyrocket your sales 

•How to take amazing photos that sell your items for you

How to price your stuff. Oh, yes. This is the biggie! I cover many various options and clear up this lil' issue once and for all!

•We’ll cover shipping questions. What to charge, how to ship domestically and internationally without confusion, plus more. 

•We’ll learn why people may not be paying what your items are worth. So frustrating, right? There is a reason and I explain why. 

How to stand out from the crowd so you don’t get swallowed up in the vast, endless interweb. 

How to get your name out there (so you can make more sales, right?)

Why you don’t have to have much money to get started

•Legal stuff, business expenses, business licensing, accountants, and all that

•How to sell no matter the economy! 

(Side note for those not living in the United States: There are only a few things in this ebook that are specific to the U.S. Most of the principles can be applied, no matter where you live.)


THEN, we delve into the mental aspects. In my experience, having the proper mental attitude is just as important, if not more important than knowing the technical stuff. 

It really makes ALL the difference between those who are successful and those who aren't. 

So I cover topics like:

•The sure-fire method I use to convince myself beyond belief that it's possible to be successful online

•Why there is never a perfect time to get started and what to do about it

•Feeling alone? I'll share with you why you're NOT.

•If you're feeling fear, I'll show you how to harness it and use it, rather than letting it use you. 

Ever felt like you had to be an expert in something before selling it? I'll give you the low-down on this!

•The importance of being yourself (this is huge!)

•The 90-Year Old Test (works amazingly well to get you up and going!)

•The 100 Year Face It Tool (Ouch, this one is scary, but it works)


Plus so much more!


In good faith and in all my years of doing business, I can say that the value you'll receive from this book if you read it and apply the information is priceless.

What is your future worth? Your children's future?

ONE SALE of your very first product could easily return this $37 to you.  

Over the course of a month, this is $1.20 a day. You'd spend that on coffee and still have no business to show for it. 

It is ABSOLUTELY possible to make and sell items online and earn $1000 a month, $5000, $10,000, and MUCH, much more. I've been doing it for almost a decade and a half now. In truth, I always wondered why more people didn't do it. 

After all, you can work from home in your pajamas. You're your own boss. You set the hours. You live a life of freedom and ease. 

What I failed to realize was that not everyone knew HOW. 


So here is that "How To" guide for you. 

This is exactly what I did to start both of my online businesses, including this one (Expression Fiber Arts).

And of course, if you're unhappy with it, I will gladly refund your money promptly. I wouldn't want you to be out the money if it didn't do you any good!

This is a beginner's guide to selling hand-made items online, so if you're already in the ball-game, making more money than you know what to do with, this may not be for you. I just want to keep it real. This is for those of you who aren't making ANY money online yet, OR aren't making the level of money you know you deserve.

I've literally spent almost 15 years of my life running online businesses and spent 10's of thousands of dollars on all kinds of marketing and business info. And you know what? You don't need ANY of that. I give you EXACTLY what you NEED to get started. After all, your time is PRECIOUS. 

This info is priceless... all my years of trial and error, schooling, books, more money spent than I even know... And I'm giving you all the good stuff here. This is it!  ENJOY!

And remember, if you're unhappy for any reason, I'll give you a prompt refund. You have literally NOTHING to lose. :D


BONUS - $199 Value - Yours FREE!


7 Day Course to Get Your Dream Biz Started NOW


- I'm now including a bonus, right at the end of the ebook, which will walk you through a fun, easy 7 day course to getting started on your dream biz today.

This by itself is worth FAR more than the price of the entire package!

In this bonus course you'll learn:

-How to Finally Earn REAL Money Online in Just 7 Days or Less

-How to Gain 30,000 Raving Followers in 6 Months or Less!

-Why Having an Online Biz Can Be the Most Powerful, Freeing, Spiritual Path You'll Ever Take...


•Even if you think you don't have the TIME.

•Even if you think your situation is different and you can't make it work. 

•Even if you don't have the confidence right now...

•Even if there's so much you feel you don't know!


You'll also learn:


- What an online biz actually is. This may surprise you!

- How to get started if you don't have a clue

- How to make money from your blog 

- Would you throw $10,000 away? If you don't know this tip, you probably are!

-The #1 KEY to making money online. This is what separates those who are successful from those who are not.  

You can live the life of your dreams and actually earn REAL money online selling what you love. And once you know the principles of business, you can pass down this timeless information to your children and grandchildren and future generations can benefit!

You only have right now, today. Tomorrow never comes! 

I can't wait to see you on the other side...

(When you purchase this product, you'll receive access to ALL of this information immediately! It's instantly downloadable, any time, day or night.)


This is your time. This is your journey and I'm soooo excited for you!

Tomorrow will come around anyway. Next year will roll around anyway. And will you have done anything different to change your life for the better? I hope so. 

I hope this ebook is one small piece of that for you. I hope and pray that all your wishes and desires unfold in your life with ease and beauty. 

If you decide to take the journey and walk this path with me, I am so happy to have you along. Let's go...