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  • Craft: Knit
  • Free/Paid: Paid
  • Yarn Weight: Worsted
  • Yarn Base: Luster Worsted
  • Yardage: 0-199
  • Yardage: 200-399
  • Yardage: 400-599
  • Yardage: 600-799
  • Project Type: Baby
  • Project Type: Blankets
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
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Sweater – 3 mos (6 mos, 12 mos, 18 mos, 24 mos) (See schematic, p. 15.)

Blanket – 24” (61 cm) x 40” (101.5 cm)

Hat – infant 


Expression Fiber Arts Luster Worsted yarn

Sweater – 280 (340, 420, 480, 560) yds/ 256 (311, 384, 439, 512) m

Blanket – 200 yds (183 m)/ 4 oz skein; 2 skeins (A), 1 skein each (B) and (C)

Hat – 70 yds (64 m)

Models shown in: (1) Snow, Vintage Gray, and Rose Gold Luster Worsted (2) Snow, Tin, and Blue Hydrangeas Luster Worsted

If those colors aren't available, any from this category will work.


Sweater: Body – US #6 (4 mm) circular needle, 24” (60 cm) length, minimum; Sleeves – US #6 (4 mm) double pointed needles, or circular for Magic Loop method

Blanket: US #6 (4 mm) circular needle, 24” (60 cm) length, minimum

Hat: US #6 (4 mm) double pointed needles, or circular for Magic Loop method 


Intermediate - This pattern is for those who feel comfortable with knitting and have made several projects, using various skills and techniques. Skills/concepts include knits, purls, increases, decreases, slipped stitches, passed stitches, and German short rows. 

Notes from the Designer:

We have experienced so much joy lately, welcoming a new generation into our lives. It has been such a bright spot to share in the excitement of a growing family and the anticipation of what these new, little souls will bring to the world. As a maker, I feel honored to be able to pass on a little something to let them know how much they are cared for.

This pattern includes instructions for a simple baby hat, blanket, and sweater. All are made with easy knit and purl stitches. You may customize the number of colors that you use to make them your own. The sweater is designed for three or more buttons, but you may choose to eliminate them. Whether you make one or make them all, be proud to share them with a little one in your life! 

  • Making a gauge swatch is critical to achieving the desired results. Please DO NOT assume that you knit to the same gauge as I do. Yes, it is an extra step, but it also ensures that what you are knitting will produce what you expect. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about running out of yarn. If you are substituting yarn, it is especially important to verify that it behaves in the same way as the yarn called for in the pattern.
  • The sweater may be made in one or more colors. I suggest making the color changes midway between buttonholes. If changing colors, knit the first stitch of the row with both colors, drop the old color, and continue with the new color. After the following row has been completed, give a slight tug on the tail of the old color. It will disappear, leaving a neat front edge.
  • When the ‘SM’ is not included in the row instructions, simply slip the marker as you come to it.
  • The sweater pattern utilizes short rows using the German Short Row method. You will work a partial row, turn your work, and begin the next portion of the row by slipping the first stitch and making a “double stitch” (DS). The two legs of the DS are counted as one stitch and worked together in subsequent rows.
  • To switch colors at the beginning of a row in the blanket, bring the new color up under the old color. Holding the new color to the front, slip the first stitch, and then knit the next stitch with the new color.
  • To switch colors in the hat, bring the new color up under the old color. Doing this every time will prevent holes at the color change.
  • You may determine how many buttons to include on the sweater. Rows that could include buttonholes are indicated by ‘BH’. 

Designed by Jane Vanselous

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Happy knitting!


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