Pearl Taupe 'YAK SILK' SPORT

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Pearl Taupe 'YAK SILK' SPORT

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What Makes Us Unique 

Exclusive, custom-made, luxurious yarn bases.

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PEARL TAUPE - subtle shimmer from the white silk and soft brown from the yak down fiber makes for a wearable, absolutely gorgeous heathered brown/gray. Use this to make our Man-Approved Cabled Hat Pattern

YARN - YAK SILK SPORT (a 50, 50 blend)

Buttery, shimmery, creamy to the touch, ultra-soft, like perfect baby's skin. Like a dream! 

Properties of Yak:

  • This is yak down, the softest of yak fibers. 
  • Warm: It has incredible insulating properties, which allow the animals to survive at extreme temperatures. 
  • Soft: Incredibly soft... buttery is truly the word that comes to mind! Your fingers will thank you as you work with this!
  • Strong: Surprisingly strong (stronger than wool), for durable, long-wearing projects.
  • Breathable: Do you ever feel sticky in synthetic fibers? Not so with yak... it breathes! It wicks moisture away from your body and releases it into the air, thus allowing you to feel fresher (and smell better!). 
  • Anti-Microbial: It doesn't attract the little microbes that live on sweat, so your garment stays fresher longer and won't get all stinky. Yay!

 Properties of Silk:

  • Excellent Insulator: Amazingly, it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter (due to the fact that it doesn't conduct heat)
  • Luster: Hello! Shine galore!
  • Strength: Long-wearing, durable projects, baby!

When yak is combined with silk, you get an amazing, SOFT, lustrous, luxurious, creamy, rich, vibrant yarn that is hard to ignore. Projects made with this are sure to be adored and exclaimed over and kept for years on end.

  • Long-wearing 4-ply sport weight - ideal for baby items, accessories for you, sweaters, gifts, blankets and more!
  • Yardage: 165 m / 180 yd
  • Weight: 50 g / 1.7 oz
  • Recommended Knitting Needle Size: US 3-5
  • Crochet Hook Size: D-F