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  • Craft: Knit
  • Free/Paid: Paid
  • Yarn Weight: Fingering
  • Yarn Base: Allure Fingering
  • Yardage: 800+
  • Project Type: Shawls/Wraps
  • Difficulty: Adventurous Beginner
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
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Narrow Version: 12” x 80” (30 cm x 203 cm), blocked
Wider Version: 26” x 81” (66 cm x 206 cm), blocked


Expression Fiber Arts Allure Fingering yarn

Narrow Version shown in Iridescent Hues (1 Kit): A) Plum, B) Dark Teal, C) Purple, D) Green, E) Blue, F) Teal.

Wider Version shown in Sunset Serenade Hues (2 Kits): A) Black, B) Aqua, C) Champagne , D) Purple, E) Turquoise, and F) Grey.

The narrow version used one kit, and the wider version used two kits.

The narrow version shown used approximately 840 yds/768 m total: Color A: 96 yds/88 m, Color B: 162 yds/148 m, Color C: 162 yds/148 m, Color D: 162 yds/148 m, Color E: 162 yds/148 m, and Color F: 96 yds/88 m.

The wider version shown used approximately 1990 yds/1820 m total: Color A: 214 yds/196 m, Color B: 390 yds/357 m, Color C: 390 yds/357 m, Color D: 390 yds/357 m, Color E: 390 yds/357 m, and Color F: 216 yds/198 m.

If those colors aren't available, any from this category will work.

US size ​​6 (4.0 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge

Adventurous Beginner for Non-Beaded Version/Intermediate for Beaded Version: This pattern is for those who feel comfortable with knitting and have made a few projects, using various skills and techniques. Skills/concepts include increasing and decreasing, changing colors, and beading (optional).

Notes from the Designer:

I love easy, simple patterns. I always keep a project in my knitting basket that I can use when I am watching TV or a movie. This shawl is just perfect for that. Serene is a simple two-row repeat that is easy to memorize and is relaxing to make. Shown in two versions, the easy, non-beaded version is good for beginning knitters. The beaded version is perfect for experienced knitters who want a simple pattern but with some fun beadwork. The pattern can be fully adjusted to suit your preferences. I hope that when you knit it, you too will find it easy and enjoyable to make and wear.

  • Click the Videos tab to watch me make a mini version of this shawl.
  • Beaded Version: Before each section, the bead colors used in that section are listed and denoted by B1, B2, and B3.
  • You will want to make sure that your stitches in the Body Section are not too tight. If you find that they are too tight and/or your work is pulling in, go up a needle size or two for this section, and then go down to your original needle size for the stockinette section.
  • This shawl is fully adjustable and can be made with any number of colors.
  • When beginning a row, be careful regarding the last stitch of the previous row. If it slides over the top of the needle, it will appear as two stitches, and the count and patterning will be incorrect.
  • When you are working the Body Rows, use the kfb to hide your floats. Work the knit front as normal. Then, insert the right needle into the back loop of the same stitch (to complete kfb); but before yarning over, bring the non-working yarn ball under the working strand then back over the working yarn (then drop it), and finish the ktbl with the working yarn. This traps the non-working yarn away from loosely hanging along the side and makes it invisible.
  • Beaded Version: In the row preceding an all-beaded row (these use B3), be sure not to carry the floats too tightly. The beads will consume part of the yarn on every stitch. 

Designed by Pam Meek


1.16.23 - Row 2 in Stockinette Section on Non-Beaded Version should read: Row 2 (WS): K3, purl across until the final 3 sts, k3.

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Enjoy your knitting!


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