Sunset Diamonds

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Sunset Diamonds

  • Craft: Crochet
  • Free/Paid: Paid
  • Yarn Weight: Lace
  • Yarn Base: Alpaca Silk Lace
  • Yardage: 800+
  • Project Type: Shawls/Wraps
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
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66” x 35.5" (168 cm x 90 cm), blocked - not easily adjustable


Expression Fiber Arts Alpaca Silk Lace yarn or Yak Silk Lace yarn

Shown in Epochal Hues: A) White, B) Light Cream, C) Dark Cream, D) Dusty Rose, and E) Brown.

The sample shown used 2257 yds (2064 m) total: A) 307 yds (281 m), B) 569 yds (520 m), C) 572 yds (523 m), D) 479 yds (438 m), and E) 330 yds (302 m).

If those colors aren’t available, any from this category will work.


US sizes B (2.0 mm) and C (2.75 mm) or sizes needed to obtain gauge 


Adventurous Beginner to Intermediate: For those crocheters who are ready to learn some new skills or stitch combinations, stitches include foundation single crochet, stacked single crochet, shell stitches, cluster, lacework, and picot.

Notes From the Designer:

The idea of the Sunset Diamonds shawl glowed up in my mind while I was on the beach. I was relaxing after a long day while the sun set into the sea. Soft droplets of rain touched my face to open up my eyes. Each rain droplet was reflecting the sunlight while descending towards me all the way from the infinite sky, just before my eyes. That scene, full of sparkles, brought to my mind an abundance of diamonds sparkling one after the other to form a picture of light confined by geometrical shapes. I was determined to paint this picture with my hook and yarns.

In several rows of this pattern, I used groups of shell stitches to form a quite rhythmic sequence of rhombus shapes. I also left a couple of short breaks as transitions to allow the diamonds to have their distinctive display. This shawl always brings me back to the relaxation and beauty I felt on that rainy beach day. 

  • Click the Videos tab to watch a video on how to make this shawl, including all the special stitches used in the pattern.
  • The pattern is worked holding two strands of yarn throughout. Only one strand is changed at a time, allowing the colors to softly marl. 
  • It is easiest to work with two strands when your hook has a sufficiently large mouth (the area of the head that catches and holds the yarn). This will help to prevent one strand being accidentally dropped and will also allow for faster work. 
  • Tip: Winding center-pull balls will enable you to use the outside and center tails as the two strands. By doing this, you will not have to cut separate balls out of each skein. 
  • This pattern requires two hook sizes. The smaller is used only for the solid sections. If the same hook is used throughout, those sections will be too wide, and the edges will not be straight. Change hooks as stated in the instructions.
  • Although a smaller hook is used for the solid sections, they will still be slightly wider. This is intended. When blocking, the lacework is opened significantly, but the solid areas should remain close to the same gauge.
  • Most rows begin with a Ssc (there are no turning chains), which will count as a dc throughout the pattern. Be sure not to work these Ssc too short, or the top edge will not be able to expand when blocked. This is especially important in the lacework sections, which are stretched much more aggressively than the solid sections! You may wish to make the Ssc and second stitch in these lace rows even taller than a dc.
  • A shell or V stitch will be the center stitch of most rows. Treat each dc of the shell or V as a separate stitch in the subsequent row.
  • The large diamonds are made over several rows in the lace sections. Pay attention to the stitch types; you will never work into a CL, only into the stitches on either side of it.
  • The lace sections contain ch-4 and ch-2 spaces. Pay attention to work into the correct one indicated. The ch-2 spaces will only be located between clusters and occasionally near the beginning/end of a row.
  • Maintaining correct gauge with each hook size is very important! Some colors will use almost all of the skein. While you can begin a color shift early, it will affect the subsequent changes, as well. Check often that your unblocked gauges match those listed, particularly on Rows 6, 23, 28, 51, 56, and 74.
  • When instructions state to drop a strand, cut that strand leaving a 5-6” tail for weaving.

Designed by Wardah Mhd


Row 21: Ssc; dc into each of the next 80 dc; V in ch-2 sp; dc into each of the next 81 dc; turn. (162 dc, 1 V)

Row 56: Ssc; dc in the same st; (dc in ch-1 sp, dc in next st) to 1 st before the ch-2 sp; dc in next dc, V in ch-2 sp dc in next dc; (dc in next st, dc in ch-1 sp) until last st; 2dc-inc in last st; turn. (386 dc, 1 V)

Row 67: Ssc; dc in same st; ch 2, sk 1 dc, sc in next dc; (ch 4, sc in next ch-4 sp) x 3.

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Enjoy your crocheting!


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